Looking back, and ahead

A little, or a long while ago…

Not even 2 and a half years ago, but it feels like a different me already.
Funny how things keep evolving and then you look back and are struck by the journey travelled since.

It was a very special moment, I had only recently recovered from a vocal injury and suddenly I started having beautiful opportunities to perform even though I was still learning how to use my instrument again, and mostly how to trust (it, me, the world for not being too harsh).

I had also never sung repertoire like this other than in my shower, and I sang a Rameau Cantata and three Strauss Lieder right before jumping into jazz in the same throw!

And yet, putting aside details, technique, wrong words (yup, you can definitely see it in the second verse when my face goes a little « oooooh *ù%$#^**!» followed by « oh well » and then cheerfully making it up), it was a beautiful moment and I am so grateful to have been with my friend Justine Verdier and loved ones in the room.

Beautiful music, beautiful words, and the support of beautiful people.
You know who you are all of you (then and always).

Funny this journey. Hard times, doubts and fears, and then you make music again and everything makes sense.

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